American beauty influencer Jeffree Star calls Filipino vlogger Michelle Dy’s makeup line ‘trash’

Michelle Dy and Jeffree Star. <i>Photo: Dy and Star/IG</i>
Michelle Dy and Jeffree Star. Photo: Dy and Star/IG

Well, look who’s still salty.

American beauty influencer Jeffree Star has shown everyone that he has yet to forgive Filipino makeup vlogger Michelle Dy when he called her products “trash” in a viral tweet that appeared yesterday.

Star’s public criticism of Dy came about when a netizen named Vanessa (@itsmePHANES) tagged Star in a tweet yesterday, saying, “I want @JeffreeStar to do a[n] HONEST review of michelle dy’s makeup basics…”

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Michelle Dy Basics is a collection of makeup brushes and face blenders sold by Dy to her fans. Launched just this week, it’s been getting rave reviews from Dy’s fellow Filipino beauty influencers.

But Star, who’s known for his very public feuds with multiple people, had no interest in reviewing Dy’s line, tweeting back: “I don’t have time to review trash on my [YouTube] channel!”

Star’s, uh, undiplomatic response blew up, and has since been retweeted almost 12,000 times and liked almost 82,000 times.

The potshot was just latest in a squabble between Dy and Star dating back to August of last year, when the American accused the Filipina of copying his “Jeffree Star Approved” video series and slogan, which he claimed was protected by copyright.

Dy, for her part, apologized to Star and acknowledged that her “Michelle Dy Approved” series was indeed “inspired” by Star’s concept, adding that she was unaware she had violated his copyright. Almost immediately after apologizing, Dy removed the series from her YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, Dy looks like she’s taking Star’s insult in stride. In an apparent reference to his heated tweet, she posted to her own account last night, “I’m good luv, enjoy.”

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