Wak Doyok, mustachioed gentleman of indiscernible talent, wants you to buy his batik

Oh you know who it is

We’re not above a bit of celebrity randomness, in fact — we welcome it in a day where we also had to tell you about humans killing pregnant cats in launderette dryers.

Last week, Wak Doyok, a man we once ribbed for his swift political-180, claiming he was pro-Mahathir all along, pulled out a dusty group photo to “prove” this, and then reminded his followers that at the end of the day, he just needed his rice pot to be full, revealed to social media his latest venture. While it still hasn’t answered exactly what he’s famous for minus a waxed ‘stache, it IS something.

Looking to fill that rice pot just a little more, Wak has now come out with his very own line of “trendy” “stylo” “hipster” batik shirts, imaginatively called WD Batik, available exclusively at Shah Alam’s very own BEAMS, Starvilion.


He’s also made a little video to promote them. Click through to watch.

Clearly unsatisfied with killing our beloved batik, in the words of our dear friend, and one half of music duo Danger Disko, now Wak is out there making sure synth-wave is dead to us too.

Great. Thanks, Wak. Bye.

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