Garbage humans captured on CCTV killing pregnant cat in laundry dryer

Two days ago, two men who were at a Gombak-area launderette, just north of Kuala Lumpur, took a pregnant stray cat, picked her up, put her inside a dryer, turned it on, and killed the poor, innocent animal.

At 10:30am on Wednesday, an unsuspecting customer doing their laundry, opened the machine to put their wet clothes inside and discovered the blood-soaked, murdered animal, and promptly alerted the owner of the establishment.

Checking CCTV footage, a two-minute and thirty-second clip was then pulled of the incident, showing the two suspects cruelly and inexplicably killing the animal, before leaving the establishment.

You can watch the clip below, although it will break the heart of anyone who currently has a heart, so click with caution:

Local media outlet Kosmo! spoke to the owner, who says that he recognizes the two men as regular customers, although he does not know their names. He later filed a police report, and shared the clip with media outlets, as well as with the Malaysian Animal Association, in hopes that public exposure will lead to the men being identified.

Local artist Faizati sketched an portrait of the incident, naming the cat Dobi, and pretty much summing up what we all feel right now.

We hope that you find justice, Dobi.



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