Obese man who vowed to lose weight finds himself taken to hospital again via truck

A morbidly obese man weighing 221kg from Kampung Mengkabang Telipot in Terengganu, has now been take to the hospital three times via a truck fit with a hydraulic lift, as he can no longer fit into a regular ambulance. Obesity comes with a laundry list of health-related issues that include, and are not limited to, stroke, ...


Malaysia records its eighth Zika virus case

Malaysia records its eighth Zika virus case

The patient was an elderly man from Petaling Jaya.


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You must be thinking; with Malaysia being named the fattest country in Southeast Asia, what do we know about health? Excuse you, we know a lot about health, okay? For example, we know that, umm, Malaysia is the fattest country in Southeast Asia. But seriously, you can count on us to report on the latest diet fads as well as the thousands of reasons why Malaysians just refuse to work out. We are no doctors, but we believe that we’ll be able to deliver the best health-related news to you (just like McDonald’s Delivery).