Heatstroke claim lives of 19-month-old and 11-year-old in Malaysia

Photo via Unsplash
Photo via Unsplash

Two children from Kelantan, aged 19 months and 11, tragically passed away due to heatstroke. The children, a boy and a girl from different districts were confirmed to have died from heatstroke by a state health authority spokesman and family members who shared the news on social media. 

It was reported that both children were taken to the Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital in Kota Baru before they passed away at their respective homes. 

Nur Imani Ahmad Farris Fadzlee Mohd Nasir, who was just 19 months old, passed away on Tuesday at her parents’ home in Wakaf Che Yeh and was buried the same day. The other child who passed away was 11-year-old Muhamad Syamil Aqil.

Earlier this week, the Malaysian Meteorological Department said on Apr. 24 that several areas in Malaysia including Kelantan were in the Warning Level 1 (Caution) category of extreme hot weather.

Heatstroke can be a life-threatening condition that can cause damage to vital organs and even death if left untreated. 

It occurs when the body’s core temperature rises to dangerous levels, typically above 40°C, due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures or physical exertion. 

The symptoms of heatstroke include a high body temperature, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, headache, dizziness, nausea, confusion, and even seizures or loss of consciousness.

To prevent heatstroke, it is crucial to stay hydrated and avoid prolonged exposure to hot and humid environments, especially during the hottest times of the day. Wearing lightweight, loose-fitting clothing, and using fans or air conditioning can also help to prevent overheating. 

Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to heatstroke and should be monitored closely during hot weather. If someone is showing symptoms of heatstroke, it is crucial to seek medical attention immediately, as prompt treatment can be lifesaving.



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