After the haze comes floods: MET Malaysia issues flood warnings from now til November

Remember dis? Subang in August 2019, after a torrential downpour
Remember dis? Subang in August 2019, after a torrential downpour

As Malaysia continues to be blanketed by a lingering haze that has been present both on the peninsula and in Borneo since August 2019, Fire and Rescue officials are bracing themselves for another kind of environmental emergency: Flooding!

Malaysia’s Meteorological Department (MET Malaysia) has issued a warning to expect heavy rains with the incoming change of monsoon starting tomorrow, September 24.

Flooding preparations include mobilizing 14,000 personnel across the country to assist in emergencies that could arise in the expected heavy rains and strong winds that the MET expects from now until early November. Areas affected include Peninsular Malaysia’s west coast, and the west coast of Sabah, and the central and western regions of Sarawak, in Borneo.

The sudden onslaught of heavy rains is a force to be reckoned with both in rural and urban areas; Kuala Lumpur is no stranger to flash floods that have turned major roads into canals in a matter of minutes.

While the news of unrelenting rain might sound like some respite from the toxic haze that has been obfuscating skylines and making living difficult over the last several weeks, we regret to inform you that 40 areas across the country are still classified with “unhealthy” air quality, with Johan Setia in Klang reporting a “very unhealthy” air quality reading of 213.

Looks like we’re not about to catch a break anytime soon, Malaysians. So, stay safe. Stay dry. And if you want to reside on the most certain side of things, just stay inside – forever.

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