[VIDEO] Wash-out: Heavy afternoon rain leaves parts of Kuala Lumpur flooded, and cars stranded

Gather round, kids — for it is a tale as old as all the time on the Equator: One minute you’re enjoying your boba tea in the haze, the next the heavens have ripped open, and are raining upon you, and your canvas tote bag.

This afternoon, Kuala Lumpur experienced heavy rains, leaving swathes of the city soaked in the torrential downpour, with the Subang area of the city feeling the brunt of the subsequent flooding.

Behold, our own little Venice:


City residents took to Twitter to warn those in the area to avoid driving, as the roads were claiming stalled car victims left, right and center:

Still not convinced? A little more action from the streets of Subang:

We’re not doing our duty if we didn’t give you a 101 of what to do when waters rise, and you’re driving — so here is a brief breakdown of how to handle a dangerously rainy situation in your vehicle. However, our new philosophy is if you can stay inside, ain’t no car ride worth the eye-watering bill you’ll get from a flooded engine.

So, you’ve found yourself in a car, in heavy rain? First thing’s first: Don’t drive through a flooded road, or bridge. Even if it seems like a few centimeters, dangerous circumstances could lurk underneath.

Too late and found yourself stuck inside a flooded car? Get out immediately, and move to higher ground. Swept away in a flooded car? Don’t panic! Wait for it to fill with water, take a deep breath, open the door an swim to the surface. Move over obstacles, not under them, and if you manage to grab hold of a tree — don’t try to swim away: Wait for rescue.


And for those of us dealing with a car that got stuck in high waters, remember NOT to turn the engine on — you could be making the situation worse. Call a tow, and get your car out of the flood as soon as possible to minimize water damage and corrosion. Let it dry out, and check your oil for water droplets to see if it’s been contaminated. You’ll probably also want to call a mechanic about now, and try not to cry when you get that bill.

Seriously, we can’t stress enough — take it from an editor who may have driven their Ford Fiesta right into a deceptively deep puddle, only to have it die a watery death: Driving in the rain ain’t worth it. Pull over, have a cuppa, and wait for it to pass — it always does.

Stay safe, everyone.

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