Haze slowly killing us all, Spotify makes playlist to suffocate to

Haze levels are reaching dangerously high levels today, with Port Dickson registering an Air Pollutant Index (API) of 211 at 8am this morning. Negri Sembilan has ordered all schools in the district closed, and teachers have been advised to wear face masks if they are required to be at schools.

Just outside the Malaysian capital, in Selangor state, Johan Setia in Klang saw a reading of 232 on the API scale, with 138 schools closing.

Malaysia’s worst hit areas in Sarawak are recording levels over 300, with Sri Aman reporting an API of 365 this fine, grey morning. The state capital, Kuching, is reporting 219, and 298 schools across the state have been ordered to shutter their doors today, with students told to stay inside.

Thick, toxic smog from raging Sumatran forest fires, carried over by southwest monsoons winds, has been detected in both Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo since July, with Malaysia’s Meteorological Agency telling citizens to expect such conditions until at least the end of September.

While there seems to be no abate to the haze that has blanketed our fair country like a fugly blanket you were inexplicably gifted by your batty auntie, some folks are trying to make the situation a little bit more bearable: Music streaming platform Spotify has made suffocating citizens a haze-themed playlist, lasting over four sweet hours, with some certified JAMS to bop to.

Spotify’s Hazed & Confused playlist includes, but is not limited to – We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel [Ed. Note: at this point, the Indonesian government’s default mantra], the very underrated JoJo’s Leave (Get Out) [Ed. Note: We wish!] and our guilty-pleasure banger Work from Home [Ed. Note: Desk? Bed!].

Have a listen, because it’s probably the only minute, silver-tinted lining, to this gross, smoggy, haze cloud.

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