Muslim evangelist accused of rape sings about arrest as part of perfume campaign

Screenshot of Da’i Syed’s ‘Ya Habib’ music video alongside a box of ‘Ya Habib’ fragrance. Photo: Coconuts
Screenshot of Da’i Syed’s ‘Ya Habib’ music video alongside a box of ‘Ya Habib’ fragrance. Photo: Coconuts

The Muslim evangelist who was accused of raping multiple women has turned his experience behind bars into an idea for a new song and music video to promote a perfume. 

Syed Shah Iqmal Syed Mohammad Shaiful Jamalullail, 27, also known as Da’i Syed, released Ya Habib over the weekend as part of a collaboration with cosmetics company DYXY. The collaboration was met with mixed reactions among those who supported him as well as critics who found the song, music video, and perfume collaboration absurd and inappropriate.

“Report and cancel dyxy cosmetic pls,” @Itsraimisyahmi wrote on Twitter Saturday. 

The music video was released three months after Syed was released on RM35,000 (US$8,550) bail. He was on Dec. 10 charged with molest and rape after six women reported to the police he allegedly sexually assaulted them. 

Syed told reporters a day before the music video released on Friday night that he had written the new song while in lockup. The video, which began with footage of him in handcuffs at the court, had portrayed him as a victim in distress. It also included a prison scene, showing him appearing dramatic, emotional, and even puking while behind bars, as well as being interrogated by the police. 

“Remember people asked why Dai Syed’s victims didn’t report him to the police and made him viral instead? They’ve reported it, he’s gone to court, but he has just launched his own perfume with a local cosmetics brand,” Twitter user @Mynikkaname wrote yesterday, adding: “Many are criticizing him in the comments. Imagine if the victims never spoke up, most of us won’t even know.

Despite the criticism, Syed’s loyal fans showered him with words of support. 

“Keep it up and spread positivity! When you fall down, just get back up,” one of Syed’s followers @Hananiarara wrote on Instagram.

DYXY has not responded to Coconuts’ request for comment via text at the time of publication

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