Designer goes into meltdown after magnetic hijab idea swiped by ‘big brand’

Designer Yusfariq Iqmal in tears, at left, and later demonstrating his signature magnetic hijab, at right. Photos: Yusfariq Iqmal/TikTok
Designer Yusfariq Iqmal in tears, at left, and later demonstrating his signature magnetic hijab, at right. Photos: Yusfariq Iqmal/TikTok

A small-time Malaysian fashion designer is accusing a major modest fashion brand of stealing his hijab design. 

Yusfariq Iqmal, who runs independent brand The Jasmine HQ, had a meltdown recently after discovering that the magnetic hijab design he had been promoting in the past two years was being replicated without his permission. A video of his meltdown drew 560,000 views on TikTok, where Yusfariq has 77,000 followers. 

“This big brand took my idea so easily. I spent two whole years trying to convince people to believe in my product,” he said in the video.

While the 26-year-old did not reveal the name of the brand, many in the comments were quick to reveal that it was probably Lilit, which was launching its magnetic headscarves tomorrow. The modest fashion brand is owned by the FashionValet e-commerce website, founded by local entrepreneur Vivy Yusof. 

Photo: Lilit
Photo: Lilit
Photo: The Jasmine HQ
Photo: The Jasmine HQ

Yusfariq has been making his signature magnetic headscarves, which stick the hijab cloth together with a magnet instead of using pins, since March 2019. He did not mention whether he had patented his design. 

In his clip entitled “She copied my idea this time,” Yusfariq went on a two-minute rant calling out the “fucking huge” modestwear company while also showing his followers a piece from his first magnetic headscarves collection. 

“I know I can’t afford to fight this big brand because she’s fucking huge in the industry, but I want people to know that this is my idea, I was the first one. It’s not her idea,” he said.

He added: “I just hope she stops copying small businesses’ ideas, that’s all.”

This isn’t the first time that Vivy is being dragged for allegedly copying other designers’ work. The brand has not responded publicly to Yusfariq’s accusations but has since prevented the public from commenting on its Instagram account.

Yusfariq’s TikTok rant was also circulated on Twitter, where many Malaysians are showing sympathy and support towards the designer. 

“My [heart breaks] seeing this. How can she do that? Every business has it’s dark side. But enough is enough. Why [do people buy] her product when the design and quality is cheap?… Brb I’m buying ten headscarves in bulk from this guy,” Twitter user JazeeraJulaili said.

“Yesss I’m crying too. Let’s support small businesses,” another user known as Fatinrzk94 chimed in.

@yusfariq💔PLEASE STOP COPYING SMALL BUSINESS IDEA. #thejasmine #bawalmagnetic

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