Young Indonesian mothers show off their at-home and on-the-town looks to take on #MahmudChallenge

Move over silly people posing as mannequins, we now have a new social media trend in Indonesia. It’s called #MahmudChallenge, and it’s exclusive for young mothers.

For those not well versed in Indonesian slang, “Mahmud” is a colloquial term and portmanteau of the words “mamah” (mother) and “muda” (young). In everyday conversation, it’s essentially used to describe mothers who are physically desirable. The word MILF is its closest English equivalent.

Young mothers across Indonesia have recently popularized #MahmudChallenge on social media, posting photos of themselves dressed up and with make-up juxtaposed next to photos of themselves wearing the “daster” (loose fitting and comfortable clothes many Indonesian women wear at home) while taking care of their children.




A photo posted by Chintya Eka Chandra (@chintyaec) on




@dagelan #dagelan #kekinian #kekinianbanget #dagelanmahmudchallenge

A photo posted by Devi Shinta (@devishinta77) on




#mahmudchallenge yuk!

A photo posted by @lorrriana on




Lg rame #mahmudchallenge ..krna beginilah off & on camera #momslife #dasteran #rambutuwel2 #kucel

A photo posted by Maria Sabta (@marysabta) on




#mahmudchallenge untuk @radensasnitya @dianoctorina

A photo posted by Sasmaya (@mayasasha) on


Every post for #MahmudChallenge has to include the caption, “Jangan remehin emak-emak berdaster, karena kalo mereka dandan kelar idup lo,” which translates to, “Don’t underestimate daster-wearing mothers, because once they put on make up, your life is over.” As in, once made up, these young mothers become drop-dead gorgeous.

While we agree that to be the case with all the #MahmudChallenge posts we’ve seen, we also think that all mothers, young and old, wearing the daster at home or dolled up for kondangan, are beautiful.


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