Watch: Giant 8-meter long python wrestled into submission by 7 men in Indonesia

Screenshot: Ronal Efendi Coto / Facebook
Screenshot: Ronal Efendi Coto / Facebook

As a massive tropical archipelago, Indonesia is home to some pretty freaky fauna. While Komodo dragons get most of the attention, the country’s most frightening creatures are, arguably, its enormous snakes, some of which are so large that they can (and have) swallowed adult humans whole.

A group of men in the Padang Pariaman regency of West Sumatra recently encountered an enormous 8.2-meter-long reticulated python in the jungle and lived to not only tell the tale but also upload footage of their epic battle to subdue the snake onto social media. Originally posted to Facebook by user Ronal Efendi Coto, the footage and their story quickly went viral around the country.

The incident took place on November 24 around the Aie Mandok River near Tandikat village. The men in the video were clearing brush around the river in search of eels when one of them realized that the log he had just stepped on was, in fact, a monstrous python that proceeded to wrap itself around his leg.

Seeing their friend struggling, the other six men quickly came to his aid and managed to pull the snake off of his leg and out of its riverside nest.

After a long struggle, they were were able to wrestle the snake, which they estimated weighed about 100 kg, until it finally submitted, after which they tied it up and placed it in a cage in their village.

After a few days of being on display for folks curious about the captured creature, the snake was taken by wildlife officials to a section of jungle far from any human habitats and released.  

As scary as the python is, it was quite lucky to have been released back into the wild alive. One of the men who captured the beast noted that their religion did not allow them to eat snake meat. Such was not the case with a 7-meter long python that was captured by locals in Riau last year — the snake was sliced up, fried and fed to the village.

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