Viral Twitter thread by Indonesian TV reporter warns of creeps stealing friends’ identities to ask for nudes

Photo: Twitter/@paramitadana
Photo: Twitter/@paramitadana

Creeps in Indonesia are apparently going to great lengths to score nude or otherwise incriminating photos from unsuspecting women, as one TV reporter named Dana Paramita says she learned recently.

Dana posted a Twitter thread that went hugely viral this week, having been retweeted more than 18,900 times so far. In it, she shared her experience of almost being tricked into taking a naked photo of herself and sending it to a deceitful stranger.

According to Dana, the culprit adopted the identity of one of her real friends, a medical student named Levina, on the messaging app LINE and started a conversation with her. Levina’s impostor (who we’ll call Fake Levina from now on) asked Dana if she was willing to be a subject in a medical research project comparing nutrition and skin color between pre and post-natal women.

To participate, Fake Levina asked Dana to PAP (meaning “post a picture”) of her entire body. When Dana replied asking if she could leave her clothes on in the photo, Fake Levina said she had to remove her clothes for visual analysis, but she could keep her underwear on.

“I will be the only one to see [your almost naked picture], after the analysis I’ll delete it straight away,” Fake Levina said in her chat to Dana.

Luckily for Dana, not long after chatting with Fake Levina, she received a call from a friend who’s an actual doctor. When she told her friend about what Fake Levina had asked for, the doctor warned her that this has become a common trick used by creeps to get women to send their nudes lately.

Dana then called the real Levina, who told her she doesn’t even have a LINE account anymore and that some of her other friends had already fallen victim to the creep.

Armed with that knowledge, Dana decided to have a little fun with Fake Levina by sending him/her a picture of her feet and two memes.

“The creep had the nerve to call me ‘mean’ after asking for my nude picture… I am disgusted,” Dana said.

Dana then warned others not to fall victim to this scam. She tweeted that, based on her research into the scheme, a lot of women have sadly already fallen for it. Some of the tell-tale signs Dana noticed the culprits showed include:

  • They always use LINE and put the term “dokter” or “doctor” on their status,
  • Their profile pictures are usually blurred or are low-resolution because they took them off social media,
  • They almost always use the same research topics: a comparative analysis on nutrition and skin color between women who have given birth and those who haven’t
  • They always asked for victims’ naked pictures immediately and sound pushy while doing so.

Of course, if a friend sends you a message asking for nudes, for whatever reason, it’s probably a good idea to call them first to see if their account was hacked or if they have an impostor. Better yet, don’t send nudes to anyone, ever, because you never know who can get their hands on your incriminating images these days.

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One thought on “Viral Twitter thread by Indonesian TV reporter warns of creeps stealing friends’ identities to ask for nudes

  1. There are a lot of circles in Jakarta where you can buy meth from. You can find them on Grindr, and they usually meet for sex while under the influence of meth.

    There are some of these gays have no work and mostly waiting for their next victim. To survive and get meth, they will keep sticking to these new victims, and scam them.

    I know a few people from someone I used to know seven months ago who victimised tourists. There are some of them extort tourist to get money from.

    One person reached out to me the other day because a guy recently scammed him. The guy who scammed him has been using meth for more than three years, and he is only 23 or 24. I can’t do anything now to help because I have deleted my sex videos and photos with some of these guys.

    For Expats and tourist new to Jakarta, be careful meeting gays here. There is no love in meth. If they will make you believe that they love you, stay away from them.

    If someone is victimised again, by these people, please comment here so everyone will be aware of what is going on in Jakarta.


    Ada banyak kalangan di Jakarta tempat Anda dapat membeli met. Anda dapat menemukannya di Grindr, dan mereka biasanya bertemu untuk bercinta saat berada di bawah pengaruh shabu.

    Ada beberapa gay tidak punya pekerjaan dan kebanyakan menunggu korban berikutnya. Untuk bertahan hidup dan mendapatkan met, mereka akan tetap berpegang teguh pada para korban baru ini, dan menipu mereka.

    Saya kenal beberapa orang dari seseorang yang saya kenal tujuh bulan lalu yang menjadi korban turis. Ada beberapa dari mereka memeras turis untuk mendapat uang.

    Satu orang mengulurkan tangan kepada saya tempo hari karena seorang pria baru-baru ini menipunya. Pria yang menipunya telah menggunakan shabu selama lebih dari tiga tahun, dan usianya baru 23 atau 24 tahun. Aku tidak bisa melakukan apa pun sekarang untuk membantu karena aku telah menghapus video seks dan foto-foto saya dengan beberapa orang ini.

    Untuk ekspatriat dan turis baru ke Jakarta, berhati-hatilah bertemu kaum gay di sini. Tidak ada cinta dalam shabu. Jika mereka membuat Anda percaya bahwa mereka mencintai Anda, menjauhlah dari mereka.

    Jika seseorang menjadi korban lagi, oleh orang-orang ini, silakan beri komentar di sini sehingga semua orang akan mengetahui apa yang sedang terjadi di Jakarta.

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