VIRAL: This sinetron scene of a family freaking out over a boiled Hello Kitty will haunt your dreams

In every country where advertisers need to reach bored housewives, cheaply-produced soap operas of varying degrees of terribleness exist. But Indonesian soap operas, locally known as sinetron, have got to be up there amongst the most idiotic and nonsensical of all television programming produced in the world.

Once in a blue moon though, after thousands upon thousands of poorly-acted and illogically plotted episodes, a sinetron will rise above its genre and render a scene that truly illuminates the desperation and drama of the human condition.

Without further ado, we present you with what we believe to be the greatest scene in the history of modern sinetron:

The power of this scene is undeniable and has led to the original tweet containing the clip by @remotivi being shared hundreds of times.

The scene raises so many questions like… Who would be so evil as to boil Hello Kitty? Why would the family in the scene be so utterly horrified about Hello Kitty being boiled? And how did the woman with the long hair manage to see Hello Kitty being boiled from outside the kitchen?

We searched exhaustively for these answers, but all we could learn is that it is a scene from a sinetron titled ‘Surga Yang Kedua’ (Second Heaven) about a man who is married to two women. Although there have been numerous articles about this scene in numerous publications, none of them could explain the context of the scene because apparently nobody has ever actually watched a full episode of ‘Surga Yang Kedua’ (we tried watching some on the many full episodes of the show on Youtube but our fragile minds could not take it).

This is the closest thing we could find to an explanation for why Hello Kitty ended up in that boiling pot of water. 

Whatever the truth is behind her tragic end, we hope that Hello Kitty will find peace in a First Heaven far away from Surga Yang Kedua.

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