Viral: Police apologize for officer who cut ahead of car at toll, passed through without paying

Screenshot: Zenrin Zen / Facebook
Screenshot: Zenrin Zen / Facebook

Thanks to the increasing number of cars equipped with dash cams, a lot more bad behavior on the road is getting caught. After video of an Indonesian police officer’s unscrupulous behavior at a toll gate went viral, the police apologized for the incident (though no word on whether they paid the motorist back for the toll fee).

In the brief video, which was posted by Facebook user Zenrin Zen on Saturday and has already been shared over 1,500 times, an officer on a police motorcycle can be seen cutting ahead of the driver’s car and zipping past the toll gate when the crossbar is raised, after the driver had already paid the toll fee. He had to tap his e-payment card and pay the IDR 9,500 (USD 0.65) again to get through.

In the caption to the video, Zenrin writes, “Early in the morning, I want to enter the toll, the police just cheated me. Really ridiculous. Does the police not have a budget for its members to enter the toll so they have to get the citizens to do it?”

The driver told the media that the incident took place on Saturday morning at about 6am while he was driving to his home in Cengkareng, West Jakarta.

Jakarta Police Traffic Director Yusuf apologized for the incident and said police officers had no reason to act in such a way.

“I have instructed my force to search for the officer who did that. What is clear is that our members who use official police vehicles have special access (at toll gates) and do not need to pay,” Yusuf told Viva.

Additionally, Zenrin edited the comment on his Facebook video today around noon to say: “The police have contacted me and apologized for the inconvenience. Thanks & Bravo to the National Police for their attention!!!”

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