Viral: Motorcyclists help each other avoid cops by lifting bikes over barrier, but last one gets left behind

Screenshots: Takdare Andreas Benhard Nugroho / Facebook
Screenshots: Takdare Andreas Benhard Nugroho / Facebook

There is a certain kinship among Jakarta’s lawbreaking motorcyclists that can lead to sudden acts of close cooperation in order to avoid an expensive ticket from the police. But these impromptu partnerships are practical in nature and thus have their limits, as the final unfortunate motorcyclist in the viral video found out.

What’s happening in the video is that several motorcyclists that were driving illegally in a busway lane (which are legally reserved for public transportation and emergency vehicles) saw that police had set up a checkpoint up ahead. In order to avoid being ticketed, the motorcyclists help each other lift their bikes over the tall concrete separators.

Their plan works well until it comes down to the last guy’s bike. After helping his fellow law evaders lift their vehicles, he is abandoned and futilely tries to get his over the barrier himself without luck.

Despite being a criminal for both riding in the busway lane illegally and for trying to avoid a ticket, we can’t help but feel sorry for the guy.

Since the video was uploaded by Facebook user Takdare Andreas Benhard Nugroho it has racked up over 1.3 million views and over 20,000 shares. Takdare gave the video the wry caption: “Jakarta’s entertainment this morning. Their work ethic is exemplary, but the funny thing is at the end, how it become like current politics.”

According to Takdare, the incident took place Jalan Galunggung in Setiabudi, South Jakarta on Friday morning

Motorcyclists caught driving in the Busway lane can be fined IDR500,000 (US$37)

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