Update: Sate seller arrested for spreading pornographic images of President Jokowi

Muhammad Arsyad created something like this, but presumably much, much worse

Police have shed light on why 24-year-old sate vendor ‘MA’ deserved punishment after ‘bullying’ President Joko Widodo on social media. ‘MA’, now revealed by police to be Muhammad Arsyad, allegedly photoshopped Jokowi’s face onto images of nude porn actors and posted his work on Facebook.

“The offender was arrested for violating the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions as well as the Law on Pornography,” said Head of the National Police Public Relations Boy Rafli Amar today.

Muhammad was arrested following a report to the police by PDI-P politician Hendri Yosodiningrat. President Jokowi’s involvement in Muhammad’s arrest is unclear.

During the 2014 presidential elections, Muhammad pasted Jokowi and former President Megawati Soekarnoputri’s faces onto images of nude porn actors performing sexual acts.

Muhammad also allegedly wrote disrespectful comments about Jokowi and Megawati under the photoshopped images.

If these allegations turn out to be true, it will certainly be harder for the country’s free speech advocates to defend Muhammad’s actions.

Source: Vivanews 

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