Update: Police confirm Ahmad Dhani and 9 others arrested on treason and UU ITE charges

The National Police confirmed that it has arrested 10 people on treason and UU ITE charges, updating previous reports that there were 8 who were detained.

They also confirmed that musician-cum-politician Ahmad Dhani is one of the 10 arrested.

Kompas reported that the others who were arrested were Ratna Sarumpaet, Rachmawati Soekarnoputri, Sri Bintang Pamungkas, Kivlan Zein, Adityawarman, Jamran, Eko, and Rizal Khobar.

National Police Spokesman Boy Rafli Amar said all 10 are being investigated closely. The police believe that they had been planning a movement to overthrow the government.

“They intended to provoke people to overthrow the rightfully elected government. They were going to mobilize a mass of people and were going to take advantage of the moment (of the anti-Ahok protest) today,” Boy Rafli told Detik this afternoon.

“They wanted to take away President Jokowi and Vice President Jusuf Kalla’s mandates and form their own transition government.”

Boy Rafli said that eight of those arrested have been named suspects for alleged treason, while the other two were named suspects for the alleged violation of the Information and Electronic Transactions Act (UU ITE).

If found guilty of leading or masterminding treason, the suspects may be jailed for life, as stated in the country’s Criminal Code.

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