Uni student in Surabaya arrested after allegedly blackmailing 6 ex-girlfriends with nude videos

Police officers holding up evidence of MYA’s crimes during a press conference on December 6, 2018. Photo: @humaspoldajatim / Instagram •

The phenomenon known as “revenge porn” in which people — almost always men — publish explicit images of their ex-partners without their consent or use those images to blackmail them, is especially insidious in conservative countries like Indonesia where victims may be too ashamed or afraid to report such activities to the police.

But some brave women in Surabaya recently stepped forward to help take down a university student who has been accused of spreading their intimate photos online and using them for blackmail.

Today, police in the East Java capital announced that they had arrested the second year university student, identified by his initials MYA, on suspicion of spreading nude videos of six of his ex-girlfriends. Police are currently investigating the case but say MYA could be charged with violating the country’s Law on Electronic Transactions and Information (UU ITE), which criminalizes the sharing of pornographic and defamatory content online.

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According to the police, MYA would do video calls with the girls he was dating and secretly record them when they took off their clothes. After they broke up, he would ask them for more explicit images and if they refused he would threaten to release his videos of them onto the Internet.

“He would threaten the victims by saying ‘I am holding onto your video, if you do not take another one then I will spread the video through social media’,” said Arman Asmara, deputy director of Special Crime Investigations for the East Java Regional Police at a press conference today as quoted by Detik.

As is often the case at police press conferences in Indonesia, the suspect was made to answer questions for the media. Asked about his motive, MYA said, “At that time it was normal for me, because I also often watched porn. So there was a sense of curiosity and satisfaction. My goal was just my own gratification.”

UU ITE violations carry with them a maximum sentence of four years in prison. MYA could also potentially be charged under Indonesia’s controversial pornography law. However, because of the draconian nature of that law, his victims could potentially be criminalized as well. Women’s rights activists worry that fears of being ensnared by the law themselves, as well as severe societal stigma, have kept the vast majority of revenge porn cases in Indonesia from being reported to authorities.


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