Travelers must present e-HAC at departure airport starting March 3

One app unlikely to be on the chopping block, mobility tracker PeduliLindungi. Photo: Coconuts Media
One app unlikely to be on the chopping block, mobility tracker PeduliLindungi. Photo: Coconuts Media

Starting tomorrow, domestic air travelers in Indonesia will be required to present a valid e-HAC (electronic Health Alert Card) at the departure airport instead of at the destination. The Ministry of Health confirmed updated rules for the travel requirement yesterday.

Aside from being vaccinated and testing negative for COVID-19, travelers have been required to fill in their details and obtain an e-HAC using the government’s health and mobility tracking app PeduliLindungi. Throughout the implementation of this requirement, travelers had to present the e-HAC upon arrival at the destination airport – until now.

“In the latest regulations, travelers must fill in the e-HAC in the PeduliLindungi app before checking in at the departure airport, or, at the earliest, a day before the scheduled flight,” Setiaji, an expert staff at the ministry’s health technologies department, said in a press release yesterday.

“The new rule is effective starting March 3, 2022.”

Setiaji added that the update to the e-HAC guidelines was made to prevent pile ups of travelers presenting their card to authorities at the destination airport. This problem should, on paper at least, be avoided at the departure airport as travelers check in at different times. At the same time, the update rule means travelers need to be more mindful with time due to the additional pre-departure requirement.

The e-HAC, previously a stand-alone app, can be obtained from the PeduliLindungi app. Passengers are required to fill in their personal and flight details on e-HAC. They will be declared eligible for travel should they meet vaccination and testing requirements. 

An e-HAC is required for all domestic and international flights. The Ministry of Health did not announce any updates to e-HAC guidelines for international arrivals, meaning passengers are still required to present the digital card upon arrival in Indonesia.

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