Taxi driver runs down robbers after stabbing attack in Cilandak

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Photo illustration

Although Jakarta is a relatively safe city for its size in terms of violent crime, there are certainly still dangerous criminals roaming its streets, willing to attack innocent people to make some quick money. Taxi drivers are often targeted by such lowlifes since they are presumed to be carrying large amounts of money from fares. 

A 27-year-old taxi driver, M Rokhim, was recently targeted by two such robbers on Jl Raya Adyaksa in Cilandak, South Jakarta. At around 1 am on Monday, the criminals approached Rokhim as he was sleeping in his cab and awoke him with a loud knock on the window. 

“Because he thought they were passengers, the victim opened the window and suddenly the perpetrators got into the car, stabbing him in the chest with sickles,” said Cilandak Police Commissioner Sujanto on Tuesday as quoted by Detik.

The perpetrators then told Rokhim to move to the passenger seat and was warned not to get out of the car or he would be shot by their accomplices sitting on motorcycles outside. They then proceeded to attack the driver several more times. 

The thieves took all of the driver’s money, mobile phone and even his driver’s license and fled the scene. Despite his injuries, Rokhim was determined to not let the criminals get away and got back into the driver’s seat.

Managing to catch up with them, Rokhim used his taxi to knock the thieves off of their bikes and ended up crashing into the side of a house himself. One of the criminals managed to get away but another was grabbed by locals who witnessed the event.

The thief who was captured is currently in the custody of the Cilandak police. He was found with the victim’s money as well as the sickle used to attack him. Police are still looking for the other perpetrator. Rokhim, who suffered stab wounds to his chest and injuries to his hands and face is currently being treated in Fatmawati Hospital.

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