Taiwanese actor Sung Young Chen plans to give Rp 868 million inheritance to his Indonesian caregiver

Taiwanese actor and director Chen Sung-Young
Taiwanese actor and director Chen Sung-Young

There are many terrible stories of Indonesian domestic workers suffering horrific abuse at the hands of their employers while working abroad. And while it’s true that much more needs to be done to help improve their working conditions and safeguard their rights, it’s also worth noting that many employers greatly appreciate and respect the work they do, with some even treating their domestic workers as a member of their own family. It’s just that those stories rarely reach the media.

But Taiwanese actor and director Chen Sung-Young wants people to know how greatly he appreciates Yule, the Indonesian woman who has acted as his primary caregiver for the last few years.

In his homeland he is perhaps most famous for his critically-acclaimed film “A City of Sadness” but others might recognize him from his films with martial arts action stars Jet Li (“Legend of the Red Dragon”) and Jackie Chan (“Gorgeous”).

According to Taiwan News, the 76-year-old actor recently told the media that he has been suffering from chronic health problems, including diabetes and depression, for the last few years and that he was already thinking about what he wanted to do with his estate after he passed away.

A single man, Chen said that Yule, whom he referred to as his “Indonesian daughter”, has been his only constant companion for the last three years. As such, he told the media that he was planning on leaving her an inheritance of 2 million New Taiwan Dollars (Rp 868,390,778).

Chen said Yule has a husband and children back in Indonesia and that she could use the money to go back to her hometown, buy real estate and start her own business. He also mentioned the amount was not a big deal to him, but that it could be a huge amount to her and he wanted to do as much as he could for taking care of him so well for so many years.

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