Super-sperm: Indonesian child protection official says women can get pregnant from swimming in a pool with men

Illustration. Photo: Pixabay
Illustration. Photo: Pixabay

Update Feb. 25: Sitti Hikmawatty is set to face an ethics committee over her statement, which will determine her fate at KPAI.

Indonesians are calling for the resignation of an official who made quite a splash in the country by saying that women can get pregnant by swimming in a pool with men.

Yes. Let that sink in. She’s a commissioner for KPAI (The Commission for the Protection of Indonesian Children) and a college professor, by the way.

Sitti Hikmawatty, who oversees child protection matters related to health and illegal narcotics, gave a video interview to Tribun Jakarta published on Friday. In it, she began to touch on the issue of premarital sex and illegal abortion clinics in Indonesia, and then went on to give what has now become an infamous viral statement.

“[Pregnancy] can happen without contact, like with a swimming pool acting as a median, for example. Some types of sperm are really strong,” she said.

“Even though there’s no penetration, the man [in the pool] can get aroused and ejaculate, causing pregnancy.”

Sitti also went on to say that, in the US, women who killed people but were going through PMS were acquitted of their crimes. She did not say which WhatsApp group she got that information from.

Back to Super-sperm. Sitti has practically become the subject of nationwide ridicule thanks to her claim, with the hashtag #PecatSittiHikmawatty (fire Sitti Hikmawatty) the top trending topic on Twitter over the weekend.

Indonesian comic artists were quick to satirize Sitti’s claim with these hilarious drawings.

Amid the controversy, KPAI on Saturday said that Sitti’s views in the interview do not represent the organization. Sitti herself initially said her claim was based on a study, but today finally admitted in a statement that it was wrong and apologized for it. She also pleaded pleading with the public not to further circulate her claim or make it go viral.

As of Sunday afternoon, Sitti is still a commissioner at KPAI.

Do we even need to debunk Sitti’s claim? Well, to put you at ease, know that the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) said it’s impossible to get pregnant without sexual penetration, especially with swimming pool water acting as some kind of sexual agent.

“There is no way sperm cells would survive in swimming pools with all its chlorine and chemicals,” IDI spokesman Nazar said. 

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