Sriwijaya baggage handling staff filmed tossing courier packages in viral video, gets fired

Photo: Wita Astari / Facebook

A viral video showing rough baggage handling at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport has gone viral over the past few days, prompting the ultimate sanction against the alleged perpetrator.

The video, shared on Friday by Facebook user Wita Astari, shows one baggage handler tossing what appears to be packages from courier service Tiki to another employee as they were loading them onto the plane. The incident occurred out on the open on the tarmac, and was filmed from inside the plane.


It’s not clear if the guy in the blue vest was having a particularly bad day or if that’s how he usually handles baggage.

Regardless, Sriwijaya Air, the operator of this particular flight, have taken notice of the viral video and announced that they have fired baggage handler, whose name was not disclosed.

“This staff member did not carry out his job in accordance to the operations standards, even though we routinely carry out briefings,” said Sriwijaya Air Corporate Communications officer Agus, as quoted by Kompas yesterday.

The airline also assured that they would increase supervision in their baggage-handling department.

It’s not known if anything were damaged or broken from the rough tossing of the packages, and whether or not the airline would be held accountable if that were the case.

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