‘Spiritual guru’ Dimas Kanjeng, who supposedly has ‘powers’ to multiply money, arrested for alleged murder

Dimas Kanjeng sitting before stacks of cash he had “conjured” out of nothing. Photo: Video screengrab
Dimas Kanjeng sitting before stacks of cash he had “conjured” out of nothing. Photo: Video screengrab

It’s mind blowing how some people can gain so many followers just by performing cheap tricks. One trickster that’s making the news in Indonesia these days is Dimas Kanjeng, a man who claims to be a spiritual guru and whose ‘superpower’ is that he can, quite literally, multiply money out of his ass.

Dimas Kanjeng was arrested in Probolinggo, East Java last Thursday on the suspicion that he ordered hits on two of his former disciples last year. But what’s gotten people really talking about him is that he managed to convince his supporters that he can multiply money, as shown in this video, which is one of many videos showcasing Dimas Kanjeng’s supposed magical power that have gone viral recently:

In the video, you can clearly see Dimas Kanjeng reaching behind his back and pulling out wads of cash in front of an audience. Anything from Rp 50K to Rp 100K notes as well as foreign notes apparently just miraculously appeared from nothing, though in the video it can be heard on multiple occasions that members of the audience were prohibited from standing behind Dimas Kanjeng.

Even though Dimas Kanjeng was arrested on murder charges, reporters who went to interview him today at the East Java Police headquarters were apparently more curious about his money multiplying powers.

“Of course I can do it,” Dimas Kanjeng told reporters today, as quoted by Detik.

Sadly, the reporters were treated to an anti-climax as Dimas Kanjeng failed to pull off his miracle.

“He can’t do it. He said he has a headache, he still can’t focus,” a police officer told the reporters.

We hope that Dimas Kanjeng can prove his doubters wrong by performing his miracle on another day, because it would be a crying shame if his hundreds of disciples figure out he’s a total fraud.

In any case, the police say there’s a possibility that Dimas Kanjeng be charged with financial fraud on top of the murder charges.

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