Special promo just for COCO+ members: Get one month of ‘Indonesia Intelligencer’ for free

This one goes out to all of the Coconuts fans who want to keep up-to-date on everything that’s going on in Indonesia! For a special limited time (until May 31) all new and existing COCO+ members can get a free one-month’s subscription to Indonesia Intelligencer.

What is Indonesia Intelligencer? It’s a premium newsletter that encapsulates all of the week’s most essential business, political and cultural news and analysis from Indonesia in a compact and easily digestible format (you can check out a few of the past newsletters right here).

Indonesia Intelligencer was born out of feedback from numerous Coconuts readers who bemoaned the dearth of English language news updates about what’s happening across the archipelago. And with 260 million people dispersed across 17,000 islands spanning 3,000 miles from east to west across the equator, there is always a lot happening here!

The newsletter’s goal is to fill a very real gap in the market for people who want a comprehensive overview of all of the news coming out of this enormous and ever-evolving nation without devoting endless hours searching and sifting through the many disparate media outlets that irregularly cover the archipelago — that’s what we’re here for!

COCO+ is of course our member program that gives readers access to unlimited Coconuts.co stories per month as well as all sorts of special events and promotions (just like this one).

Whether you’re an existing or new COCO+ subscriber, just send an email to membership@coconuts.co  with the subject line “Indonesia Intelligencer” to claim your free one-month subscription.

For more info on Indonesia Intelligencer and to check out past issues, head here.

And you can click here to learn more about the other great benefits of a COCO+ membership



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