Son’s attempt to seek his missing father via social media meets a tragic end

A screenshot of an online plea for help finding a missing Grab driver identified as JST. He was found dead in a suspected murder two days later. PHOTO: Twitter/@lulleaby

Asking netizens’ for help finding a missing loved one on social media happens a lot nowadays, but it doesn’t always lead to happy endings.

One such plea for help was posted on Twitter on Tuesday by user @lulleaby. She reposted a series of screenshots of her friend’s Instagram story, who was asking for help finding his missing father, a Grab driver. The son had lost contact with his father, identified by his initials JST, since late at night the day before.

Her first tweet was: “Please help RT? My friend’s father has been missing since taking a passenger. He’s Grab driver. Details can be found in these pictures. Please help.”

PHOTO: Twitter/@lulleaby
PHOTO: Twitter/@lulleaby

The son, who had access to his father’s Grab account, was able to determine that he last took a passenger, identified by the initials YY, to Kapuk Pasar Darurat, North Jakarta using a black Mitsubishi Mirage. However, JST had gone MIA since and the son’s numerous attempts to contact YY failed.

On Wednesday morning, the worst case scenario came true with @lulleaby tweeting that her friend was notified about a dead body found in a river in the Pasarkemis district in Tangerang whose features resembled that of his father. Then a bit later @lulleaby confirmed the news with the tweet: “Sad news. It has been confirmed that the victim found on the river was Mr JST. Please pray so he could rest well with God and may his family be strong in this sad time. Thank you for your help.”

Penemuan mayat dalam kondisi mengenaskan menggemparkan warga Pasar Kemis, Kabupaten Tangerang, Rabu (7/11/2018)..Jasad…

Posted by About Tangerang on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The police confirmed that the body, which was found floating in a river with the hands bound to a rock, was indeed JST, who was said to be missing since Monday.

The police did not say if they had any leads on suspects, but it is strongly believed that JST was murdered.

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