Primary school students in Depok victims of Rp 3.6 billion embezzlement of uniform funds

Corruption at any level is loathsome, but it’s arguably even more awful when an act of corruption victimizes children.

Today, three corruption suspects are going to be tried at the West Java High Court in Bandung after they were accused of embezzling city funds for the procurement of primary school uniforms for 22,000 students in Depok.

For the 2014 and 2015 academic years, city official DS, contractor AS, and quality controller DE allegedly conspired to use cheaper materials that were different to the ones agreed upon in the tender with the city to make the school uniforms. The suspects reportedly embezzled Rp 3.6 billion out of the Rp 15.8 billion set aside from the West Java Regional Budget for the tender.

“The primary school uniforms were made using a mixture of polyester and cotton. The composition of the materials was tweaked by the tender winners,” said Jakarta Metro Police’s special crimes unit corruption subsection head AKBP Ferdy Iriawan, as quoted by Vivanews today.

Ferdy added that the school uniforms that were produced were very thin and susceptible to tearing as a result. In addition, the contractors were short 5,014 school uniforms and 9,693 pairs of shoes in their production, leading to a shortage of both items in primary schools in Depok for the 2014 and 2015 academic years.

It has not yet been reported what charges the three suspects will face.

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