Photo of KRL Commuterline train littered with trash goes viral, official blames first-time travelers

The floor of a KRL Commuterline train littered with trash. Photo: Instagram/@jktinfo
The floor of a KRL Commuterline train littered with trash. Photo: Instagram/@jktinfo

Commuters who frequently travel on the KRL Commuterline are probably used to generally clean conditions on the train thanks to the service’s no-eating and drinking rule as well as its tireless janitors, which makes a recent viral photo all the more unusual and outrageous.

Yesterday, viral content aggregator @jktinfo shared a photo showing the floor of an empty KRL Commuterline carriage littered with what appear to be snake fruit peels, seeds, and even discarded plastic bags.

After the photo went viral, PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia (PT KCI), which operates the KRL, blamed the littering on first-timers taking the train.

“That kind of thing had happened several times during holiday seasons. It could be that [the perpetrators] are seasonal passengers who went on the KRL for the first time,” PT KCI VP of Corporate Communications Anne Purba told Kompas today, adding that such passengers might not be aware about the rules regarding keeping the trains clean.

The carriage that was photographed was part of a train that services the Rangkas Bitung-Tanah Abang line. It is believed that the photo was taken recently during the Eid holiday.

Anne said that KRL’s janitors have cleaned up the train carriages, including the one that was photographed. She urged passengers to observe KRL’s prohibition on eating and drinking on the trains in order to keep them clean.

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This is not the first incident involving a train-related faux pas to go viral in Jakarta in recent months. In March and April, the launch of the capital’s new MRT subway system was marred by passengers eating, drinking and misbehaving on the trains and stations, as well as littering its facilities — footage of which went viral online and caused debates about whether or not some Jakartans are civilized enough for modern public transportation systems.

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