PeduliLindungi is now Satu Sehat following rebrand, but people say they’re struggling to log in

A screenshot of the government’s new medical app Satu Sehat, which is replacing PeduliLindungi. Looks familiar?
A screenshot of the government’s new medical app Satu Sehat, which is replacing PeduliLindungi. Looks familiar?

The government’s health and mobility tracking app PeduliLindungi — a pandemic staple — has transformed into Satu Sehat (meaning “one health”), but all is not well with the app’s relaunch.

The Ministry of Health has rebranded and launched Satu Sehat on March 1 to be a one-stop app for users to obtain medical services and store their medical history. Basically, the app is nearly identical to its predecessor, but it’s moving away from just providing services related to COVID-19.

But, like with many major app updates, the relaunch has been less than smooth. People have been taking to social media to complain that they have not been able to log in to the new app, with many saying that they did not receive the OTP (one-time password) required for first-time logins.

The Ministry of Health this morning posted a thread on Twitter apologizing for the technical issues.

“We are currently in the process of migrating data. That is causing numerous issues related to login, as well as [COVID-19] vaccination tickets and certificates not showing up,” the first tweet reads.

The ministry added that users may check the Satu Sehat app every two or three hours to see if the issues have been resolved. In the event that users are required to present their COVID-19 vaccines, such as for public transportation, the ministry said that printed out certificates or those that are saved digitally outside of the app are valid and can be used for the time being.

“That’s funny. If you’re still migrating data, why release the update?” one user replied. FYI, the ministry announced the migration from PeduliLindungi to Satu Sehat in mid-February.

According to the ministry, PeduliLindungi has 105 million registered users. After the government lifted the Enforcement of Restrictions on Public Activities (PPKM) protocol on Dec. 30, 2022, the number of the app’s active users was recorded at 1 million.

For what it’s worth, we updated the app on iOS today and had no issues logging in and accessing our COVID-19 vaccine certificates.

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