“No more used condoms” littering Depok neighborhood after rumor of haunted flying casket

It’s very common for hardline conservative groups in Indonesia to appoint themselves as the nation’s morality police (we’re looking at you, FPI) in their bid to stamp out on “immoral” acts like premarital sex. But what this story illustrates is that you don’t need to use force and coercion to stop kids from getting it on – all they need is a good old spooky ghost story.

Lately, residents of Sawangan in Depok have been spooked by rumors of the existence of a haunted casket flying around a cassava plantation. While there is no evidence that the flying casket actually exists, rumors about it are apparently already producing a positive effect on the neighborhood.

“The positive thing (about the rumor) is that it makes people think twice about ‘doing stuff’ in the cassava plantation. Before, we often found used condoms and litter there – usually the morning after Saturday night. Hopefully this (the flying casket rumor) can serve as a warning,” said neighborhood chief Edi Supingi, as quoted by Detik today.

Residents agree that the stories about the flying casket have had positive effects on the community.

“Locals here are now patrolling the area more often together, and are getting to know one another more,” said local man Joko.

For what it’s worth, Detik reported that they joined the neighborhood watch patrol last night and found no signs of a supernatural presence in the area.

Perhaps the casket’s job is done.

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