Man allegedly kills, decapitates dozens of cats in Indonesia’s Lampung

Two of dozens of cats allegedly killed by a mentally challenged man in Lampung, Indonesia. Photo: Istimewa
Two of dozens of cats allegedly killed by a mentally challenged man in Lampung, Indonesia. Photo: Istimewa

A man from Lempasing in Bandar Lampung, Lampung province is believed to be the culprit behind a recent spate of cat killings that have shocked the small beach village.

According to reports, dozens of dead cats were found scattered around on a beach in Lempasing on Sunday. Some of the cats had been decapitated.

A video showing the dead cats has gone viral online, most notably depicting children crying in shock at the horrific sight.

Deny Indra Wijaya, of local animal welfare group Cat Rescue Lampung, said the alleged culprit, who is identified by his initial J, is believed to be mentally challenged. As such, the group has yet to file a formal complaint to the police over the incident.

“I am trying to hold a mediation session with village officials and [J’s] family,” Deny told CNN Indonesia yesterday.

Based on witness accounts, Deny said J killed the cats by choking them with a rope around their necks. J also allegedly decapitated some of the cats before tossing their bodies away.

Local police say they have not received any complaints about J, but have nevertheless launched their own investigation into the matter.

Under Indonesian law, one count of severe animal abuse like this is punishable by up to nine months in prison or a fine of IDR300 (US$0.02).

Activists in the country have long lamented the lack of enforcement of laws protecting animals. However, activists recently have put renewed pressure on the authorities to prosecute suspected animal abusers, such as in a recent case in which a man and his friends killed a cat by forcing it to drink liquor.

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