Lion Air JT-610 insurance money for victims’ beneficiaries held up over polygamy, incarceration issues

Plane debris and personal effects of passengers of the crashed Lion Air JT-610 flight. Photo: Twitter / @Sutopo_PN
Plane debris and personal effects of passengers of the crashed Lion Air JT-610 flight. Photo: Twitter / @Sutopo_PN

Of the 189 killed on the crashed Lion Air flight JT-610 in late October, 107 of them have been positively identified by Indonesian authorities, but not all of their relatives have received the compensation money from government insurance firm Jasa Raharja that they are entitled to.

As reported by JawaPos, Jasa Raharja has so far given IDR50 million (US$3,430) each in insurance money to beneficiaries of 100 of the 107 identified victims, with bureaucratic issues and outright refusal by some victims’ families holding up compensation for the remaining seven victims.

“There are two victims who had more than one wife each. They all had evidence [showing they’re legally married to the victims]. So now we’re waiting [until the issue is sorted out],” Jasa Raharja First Director Budi Raharjo said.

Budi’s statement confirms previous viral stories that some wives in polygamous relationships with JT-610 victims were fighting over insurance money. In one case reported by Tempo, three wives of one victim (who had a total of five wives at the same time) caused a scene when they all went to the police to collect their husband’s death certificate, which was required for the insurance claim.

Budi said of the other beneficiaries, one could not be given the insurance money because they are currently incarcerated, while the other four have refused the money for unspecified reasons.

It’s not yet known if, in the event that the authorities fail to positively identify the rest of the victims, their relatives will not be entitled to receive insurance money from Jasa Raharja.

In addition to Jasa Raharja, beneficiaries of JT-610 victims are also entitled compensation money from Lion Air, which was reported to be over IDR1.3 billion each.



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