Lion Air flight attendant wins over internet with wholehearted care of elderly in viral videos

A smile to warm any heart. Photo: Video screengrab
A smile to warm any heart. Photo: Video screengrab

Find a flight attendant who smiles at you the way this guy smiles at an old lady, and you’d be in for a comfortable flight, budget carrier or otherwise.

Recently, a couple of videos have gone viral on social media in Indonesia, depicting an unidentified Lion Air flight oozing with warmth and wholehearted sincerity as he assisted an elderly female passenger who appeared to be in need of special care.

“Dear Lion Air flight attendant, whoever you are, you exemplify the perfect flight attendant,” the user above tweeted, adding, “Do you miss your own mother? You are so meticulous in helping this old lady.”

He may be doing his job, but the flight attendant never once looked like he was the slightest bit burdened. To top it off, he’s won over the internet with his gentle and genuine smiles as he assisted the old lady by feeding her and wiping her face — as if she was his own grandmother.

We can see people’s true selves by their eyes, and the sparkle in this man’s eyes is genuine, and he looks even more genuine with his smile. The universe needs more people like this.

For women, men of this type is what you should look for as a partner. He loves all, and especially those he loves.

I’m tearing up. Thanks for sharing the video. I miss my grandmother at home. She’s like a kid again now, clingy and needs extra attention. I fed her once but she was picky, it was testing but it made me happy. When I go home I want to feed her again.

It’s not clear when the videos were taken, but, at the time of writing, the tweets above have been retweeted over 25 thousand times since it was posted yesterday evening. 

Lion Air has yet to comment on the viral videos. We’ll update this story as soon as we get confirmation on the flight attendant’s identity from the airline or elsewhere.

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