Jakarta to put the brakes on entitled cyclists with fines

A bike lane in Jakarta. Photo: Instagram/@aniesbaswedan
A bike lane in Jakarta. Photo: Instagram/@aniesbaswedan

With public opinion overwhelmingly negative towards them thanks to what has now become an iconic photo featuring a middle finger, entitled cyclists in Jakarta may soon also find themselves under increased scrutiny from law enforcement.

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The Jakarta Metro Police said it’s considering giving fines to cyclists who ride outside of designated bike lanes in the capital, following increasing complaints that they — particularly those with flashy and expensive road bikes who ride in groups of dozens as if they were pros — have been riding on lanes designated for motorized vehicles.

“In Article 299 of the Traffic Law, the fine is IDR100K (US$7), but since this is the first time it’s going to be enforced in Indonesia, we need clear guidelines [for enforcement],” Jakarta Metro Police Traffic Department Director Sambodo Purnomo Yogo said today.

IDR100K would represent pocket change for most road bikers, so there is also the possibility that the police will seize their bikes if they’re caught violating traffic laws.

“This is a pressing matter. I’m worried that if this is ignored, there will be conflict between motorcyclists and cyclists, especially users of road bikes,” Sambodo said.

The plan has the backing of Jakarta Vice Governor Ahmad Riza Patria, whose administration plans to turn the Kampung Melayu-Tanah Abang overpass into an exclusive bike lane during certain hours of the weekend to add to a growing list of bike lanes in the city.

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  1. WHEN are they going to start enforcing rules on the greater problem. Motorbike riders and car drivers?

    How many times have I had to dodge some FW going up the street the wrong way?
    Car drivers that cant seem to decide which lane they are in (lanes have no meaning to motorbike riders)?
    Pedestrian crossings that are just “novel artwork” to most drivers.

    Underage unlicensed kids on bikes.
    Vehicles with modified exhausts.

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