​Islamic Defenders Front in Depok to go on crusade against online prostitution ring

The death of sex worker Deudeuh Alfi Sahrin brought to light online prostitution practices in Jakarta and Indonesia. It’s an issue that has caught the attention of the hardline Islamic Defenders Front (FPI).

FPI Depok is urging the government to clamp down on online prostitution by blocking pornographic websites and monitoring internet providers.

“In this case the city administration through the Satpol PP police unit should have routinely monitored places that provide internet service [like internet cafes]. There has to be raids because mostly children and teenagers go to these places and we worry that they might access pornographic websites,” said FPI Depok Chief Habib Idrus Al Gadri, as quoted by Vivanews today. 

Idrus then went on to criticize the government for being lenient on internet pornography whereas Islamic websites were blocked for being deemed ‘radical’. 

“Why is it that Islamic websites were so swiftly and easily blocked, whereas those websites that are clearly harmful are being handled so slowly,” he said.

If the government doesn’t comply to FPI’s wishes to cleanse the internet from pornography and prostitution, then they threaten to step in to fix the problem themselves.

“We will look for evidence. If it is proven that prostitution is practiced online at internet cafes then we will report it to the authorities. If they fail to act, then don’t blame us if we take action,” Idrus said.

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