Indonesia’s IT Ministry threatens to block gaming platform Steam over controversial ‘Fight of Gods’ video game

There’s no doubt that the video game developer that decided to Buddha, Odin, Zeus, Moses, and Jesus together in a fighting game knew they were going to create controversy, but their audacious deity-based brawler has already been banned in one country and it looks like Indonesia will likely be next.

Indonesia’s IT Ministry has issued a warning to PC gaming platform Steam to remove a controversial game called Fight of Gods, which features the aforementioned deities/prophets as well as others brawling it out Street Fighter-style to determine, according to the trailer above, “who would lead us to enlightenment.”

“We have sent a letter to Steam so they can carry out a geo-block of the game here. If they don’t do it within 48 hours, we will block the channel distributor (Steam),” said Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, director general of Information Application at the IT Ministry, as quoted by Liputan 6 today.

Semuel added that they are taking the preventative measure of having Fight of Gods, which was made available on Steam on September 4, removed in Indonesia before the game can cause religious tensions to escalate in the country.

The game, developed by Taiwanese studio Digital Crafter and distributed by London-based game publisher PQube, previously prompted a similar reaction in ban-happy Malaysia, where the government blocked access to Steam for 24 hours as an ultimatum to get the gaming platform to removeFight of Gods from its catalogue.

Steam eventually agreed to geo-block the game in Malaysia, which, surprise, surprise, only led to it gaining a surge in popularity in the country.

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