Indonesian TV censors chest of female humanoid robot from the movie “Automata”

When an Indonesian news program censored the entire body of a female swimmer not too long ago, we thought that was the peak of ridiculousness in censorship on Indonesian TV.  

But it seems Indonesia’s overzealous TV censors are far from done playing our “moral guardians”, as another recent case of silly censorship by local channel Trans TV is being widely mocked by Indonesian netizens.

Now the chest of a robot is also censored. The one censoring is the one who has a dirty mind.

Another censor, more censors, it’s just a robot.

Movie buffs might recognize the images above as being from the movie ‘Automata’, which stars Antonio Banderas. Here’s the trailer of the film so you can see just how unnecessary the censoring of the robot actually was:

“Automata” was indeed shown on Trans TV at 7pm last night as part of their robot double bill with ‘Robocop’ (though there are no reports of Robocop’s chest or metallic crotch being censored):

Some netizens were quick to blame the Indonesian Broadcast Commission (KPI) to be the ones responsible for the censoring. While the KPI hasn’t made a statement regarding this controversy, they have in the past reiterated that they do not have the jurisdiction to make direct input to TV stations regarding censors.

So this is likely to be a case of Trans TV playing it safe in order to avoid sanctions from KPI. Considering that Trans TV is affiliated with CNN Indonesia, which was responsible for the aforementioned censorship of swimmer, their censorship of a robot’s chest – regardless of how ridiculous that sounds – is hardly surprising.

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