Indonesian student stabbed to death in alleyway, police looking into ex-boyfriend based on CCTV footage


An 18-year-old SMK (vocational high school) student named Andriana Yubelia was killed on her way home from school on Tuesday in Bogor, West Java. A crucial lead in the case has led the police to narrow down the possible suspects to just one person: her ex-boyfriend.

On Tuesday afternoon, Bandung native Andriana was walking home from school to her kost (boarding home) on Jalan Riau in Bogor. She was on the final leg of her journey, walking through a quiet alleyway, when a man came up from behind her and stabbed her once in the left side of her chest before he walked away.

Andriana was left bleeding on the floor. Tragically , she had already passed away from her wound — the murder weapon, a knife, reportedly pierced 22 centimeters deep into her chest — when other local residents found her.

CCTV footage of the incident has gone viral online, showing the exact moment Andriana was stabbed in the alleyway and the alleged culprit running away from the scene.

The footage has become the main piece of evidence the police has in determining the suspect, who they believe is Andriana’s ex-boyfriend, who is identified by his initial S.

“This is actually a shot in the dark. From the data we have, we don’t know who the culprit is. The CCTV footage is not very clear either,” Bogor City Police Chief Hendri Fiuser told reporters yesterday, as quoted by Merdeka.

“But, a victim’s friend testified that they recognized the physical traits of the culprit.”

Hendri added that the police’s suspicion towards S is growing after he denied rumors on social media that he had been arrested for Andriana’s murder. Hendri said S’ social media activity could be a way in for the police to start investigating him.

No arrests have been made in this case as of Thursday morning.

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