Indonesian policewoman tricked by convicted murderer to share sexy pics, gets fired after photos go viral

Photo illustration. Photo: Pro Juventute / Flickr via Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0)
Photo illustration. Photo: Pro Juventute / Flickr via Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0)

A policewoman in Indonesia has been dishonorably discharged after her sexy selfies, which were spread by a man she thought was another police officer but turned out to actually be a convicted murderer, were spread on social media.

The woman, a police brigadier identified by her initial D from the South Sulawesi capital of Makassar, was fired from the force after authorities saw the incriminating photos when they went viral online.

“According to our code of ethics, the immoral activity she carried out made her no longer eligible to be a member of the National Police,” Makassar Police Chief Grand Commissioner Wahyu Dwi Ariwibowo said today, as quoted by Detik

According to reports, D was catfished by a man she met through social media. The man introduced himself to D as a police commissioner stationed in Lampung province. They eventually became more intimate and exchanged phone numbers and later pictures of themselves — including the sexy selfies.

The photos soon went viral after D’s online boyfriend posted them to social media. To add to her devastation, she later found out that the man was not a police commissioner at all, but rather a convicted murderer serving time at a Lampung prison.

While it feels like an injustice for a woman to lose her job for taking private photos and having them spread online without her consent (photos she was tricked into taking, no less), things could have been even worse for D as Indonesia has anti-pornography laws so strict that she could potentially have been in violation of them just for sending the selfies to somebody else in the first place. However, there have been no reports of her being criminally charged as of yet.

Activists have criticized the Indonesian police force for their misogynistic policies in the past, most particularly in regards to their requirement that all female recruits undergo the highly unscientific practice of virginity testing for “moral” reasons (male cadets aren’t required to take the test).

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