​Indonesian Police ask public to help prevent the sale of kids clothes covered in pandas having sex

Yesterday, the National Police’s Public Relations Division issued an appeal to the public on their Facebook page: 

Please help us stop the sale of children’s clothes depicting pandas having sex.

Well, they didn’t use the words sex or panda, but that’s clearly the danger shown in the picture they posted:


We appeal to the partners of the Police Public Relations division to be aware of the existence and circulation of children’s t-shirts with indecent illustrations.

Any partners who know of such t-shirts being circulated or sold are kindly requested to immediately report them to the nearest police station.

Eagle eyed readers will quickly notice that the photo bears the mark of 9GAG, one of the internet’s central hubs for viral memes and photoshopped funnies.

But if the Indonesian police deem it authentic than that is good enough for us. Even if the photo wasn’t taken in Indonesia, the threat of panda sex kids clothes invading our country is still all too real

So we join with the police in appealing to parents and the general public – the next time you go shopping for kids clothes, please check closely to make sure that the cute animals decorating it are not engaged in coitus. 

And if you find that there are in fact depictions of animal lovemaking on your children’s clothes, please contact your local police station immediately.

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