Indonesian official says Rp 6 trillion Disneyland theme park will be built in Boyolali, Central Java

Disney icon Mickey Mouse. Photo: Pixabay
Disney icon Mickey Mouse. Photo: Pixabay

Update 4/18: Let It Go: Disney officially denies claims of a Disneyland being built in Indonesia

All around Indonesia, one of the things people were talking about over the long weekend was the possibility of spending future long weekends at an actual Disneyland theme park in Indonesia.

There are widespread reports in the local media about plans to build one of the world-renowned theme parks in Indonesia, specifically the regency of Boyolali in Central Java, which is situated around 500 km from the capital city of Jakarta.

“The value of the investment is around Rp 5-6 trillion. The first stone will be set in September 2017,” said Boyolali Regent Seno Samudro as quoted by last Thursday, before adding that construction on the theme park would take around two years.

According to Seno, the theme park will be fully funded by foreign investors. Though he did not reveal all the investors, he said Universal Studios, which has a theme park in Singapore that is a popular tourist destination for Indonesians, has a 20% stake in the project.

Seno also said that President Joko Widodo has given full approval of the project, and has instructed him to speed up investment permits.

According to reports, Disneyland Boyolali would take up 100 hectares of space, or the equivalent of 133 soccer fields.

Should the Disneyland Boyolali project become a reality, it would be the fourth Disney-themed theme park in Asia, after Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

But there’s reason to take all the news stories about Disneyland Boyolali with a grain of salt for now, because apart from Indonesian media, there hasn’t been any similar reports from abroad, including from any of Disneyland’s official channels. In fact, the only official information on the project so far seems to have come from Boyolali Regent Seno.

In 2015, there were rumors that MNC Corporation, along with Trump International, would build a Disneyland theme park and resorts in Lido, Bogor. However, it was later clarified that the holiday destination in Lido will not be associated with Disney, though it will have a theme park that could potentially serve as competition for the as-of-now hypothetical Disneyland Boyolali.

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