Indonesian IT Ministry issues steps for protection against WannaCry ransomware

Indonesian IT Ministry’s guide on how to prevent WannaCry ransomware attack. Photo: Instagram/@kemenkominfo
Indonesian IT Ministry’s guide on how to prevent WannaCry ransomware attack. Photo: Instagram/@kemenkominfo

People all around the world are taking extra precautionary steps to protect their computers from the WannaCry ransomware program, which, according to latest reports, has attacked more than 200,000 devices worldwide in around 150 countries, including two major hospitals in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s Communications and Information Technology Ministry (Kemenkominfo) yesterday issued an official guide on how to prevent WannaCry from attacking your computers.

Here is the translation:

  1. Before switching on computer/server, switch off hotspot/Wi-Fi and terminate any connections to LAN cable/Internet
  2. Afterwards, immediately move data to devices running non-Windows OS (Linux, Mac) and/or BACK UP/COPY all data to a separate MEDIA STORAGE.

The measures may not put users running Windows exclusively at ease, as it essentially boils down to “don’t use Windows” if you want peace of mind from WannaCry (reports say that this latest version of the ransomware only affects Windows devices). That said, other operating systems, like macOS, have been shown to have been vulnerable to ransomware attacks in the past as well.

Kemenkominfo also added some additional steps IT management within firms or organizations can take to protect entire networks from WannaCry, such as installing the MS17-010 patch on Windows computers and running up-to-date anti-virus softwares.

In the meantime, the ministry also warned against opening email attachments unless one is sure of its contents, as cyber extortionists have been tricking victims into opening malicious malware attachments to spam emails that appeared to contain invoices, job offers, security warnings and other legitimate files.

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