Indihome becomes trending topic (again) after users complain about slow connection

Indihome’s customer service counters. Photo: Telkom
Indihome’s customer service counters. Photo: Telkom

Is it just us, or does Indihome pop up as a trending topic on Twitter every couple of months? To our recollection, whenever that happens it’s usually something to do with a fault in their connection. And earlier today, that again seems to have been the case. 

Many Indihome users took to Twitter since this morning to complain about sudden connection issues, with many saying they interfered with online learning and work.


When your life seems hard, remember, there are many Indihome users whose internet connection often dies out there.

One user shared a screenshot of a text message with their lecturer, citing Indihome’s network problem:

Another referenced Indihome’s customer service go-to response:

Good argument, customers. Now back to restarting the router.

State-owned telco Telkom acknowledged the disrupted connection of its home internet service Indihome this morning, which reportedly took place in various areas across Indonesia. Though the network is said to be back to normal, Telkom said they are still looking into the matter.

“We are still identifying the cause of the disruption and will continue to monitor Indihome services thoroughly,” Telkom Corporate Communications VP Arif Prabowo said in an official statement today.

“For this occurrence, Telkom apologizes to customers who have been affected and were inconvenienced by [the disrupted] Indihome services.”


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