Hotman Paris’ Lamborghini accident: What really happened?

Hotman Paris’ green Lamborghini Spyder post-accident. Photo: WordPress

Controversial Indonesian lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea was involved in a traffic accident that saw his Lamborghini totaled and a truck driver killed. There are two different accounts as to what actually happened on Sunday morning. One by the police, and one from the Hotman Paris himself, who in the past has been infamous for representing controversial clients like Chapelle Corby, and allegedly physically abusing celebrity Meriam Bellina.

According to Jakarta Police, a box truck was driving on the fast lane on the Wiyoto Wiyono toll road when one of its tires popped. Hotman was coming up fast behind the truck in his Lamborghini, making a crash unavoidable. The truck rolled over sideways, killing the driver instantly while another passenger was left wounded.

Hotman’s account of the accident differed slightly and in his version of the event he paints himself as the victim. According to Hotman, a bus was also involved in the accident.

“A bus swerved to avoid the truck that was rolling over [because the truck’s tire popped]. The bus hit me from the side. I am a victim of the bus that avoided the truck,” Hotman told

All hopes of interrogating the bus driver vanished when Hotman claimed the bus fled the scene of the accident.

The case is still under police investigation. Will the truth come out? Will another celebrity figure get away with murder (literally)? Or perhaps Hotman Paris is a victim, but his reputation won’t do him any favors.

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