What do ‘Happy New Year’, ‘Andy Go To School’, and ‘Rudy Is A Good Boy’ have in common? They’re all siblings from Indonesia

Andy Go To School is no longer in school but still keeping it cool.

We thought we had had enough of funny sounding Indonesian names ever since Tuhan, Saiton, and Nabi went viral recently. But then these three siblings came along.

Meet Happy New Year, the first child born to Bulkin and Naimah from Magelang, Central Java (where the world-famous Borobudur Temple is located). You can probably guess why she was named that – she was born on January 1.

But naughty Happy liked to skip school when she was little, so her parents named their second child Andy Go To School, in the hopes that he would spend more time in school than his sister. Maybe in school he learned about the grammatical error in his name.

Just like his name suggested, Andy loved to go to school. Unfortunately, he was somewhat of a bully and liked to hit other kids, too. So Bulkin and Naimah named their third child Rudy Is A Good Boy, and so far we haven’t heard bad things about this one.

“Regarding these names, my father used to work at the Borobudur Conservation Hall during the restorations of Borobudur. He knew a little bit of English,” Andy Go To School said, explaining the origin of his and his siblings’ names to Tribunnews

Despite their unusual names, the three siblings have all grown up to find various degrees of success in life as adults. Happy New Year is a sand supplier, Andy Go To School is a cop, and Rudy Is A Good Boy joined the army.

Should Bulkin and Naimah have another child, they should name it Rich Good-looking Smart Kind so they can have the ultimate best kid of all time.


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