East Java pedicab driver fixes potholes to keep his daughter safe, inspiring local gov’t to get up off their asses

Gufron fixing a pothole in Lamongan, East Java. Photo: Istimewa
Gufron fixing a pothole in Lamongan, East Java. Photo: Istimewa

A pedicab driver named Gufron has become a hero in his hometown of Lamongan, East Java, after he went out of his way to fix potholes in the regency that the government had long failed to repair.

The 62-year-old recently spent two days fixing potholes on a main road connecting the districts of Deket and Karangbinangun, which is frequented by his daughter.

“I was worried. My daughter works in town and she drives on this road every day. I’ve seen numerous accidents on this road, because after the turn, motorists were immediately met with potholes,” Gufron said yesterday.

Gufron brought his own gravel, which he would pour over the potholes. He would then flatten the gravel using a tiny hammer.

“I know the government’s busy, so if I can do it then I will,” he added.

Gufron’s children are everything to him now after his wife passed away from complications with diabetes in August 2022.

“In the 40 days since my wife passed, I was lost. I couldn’t sleep at night. Eventually, I told my children that I can’t stay like this forever and that I have to get up and do things that are useful,” he said.

Taking inspiration from Gufron’s story was the local government, who, it seems, still has enough shame in them that they have decided to properly fix the other potholes on the road.

“In truth, we have been gradually fixing roads [in the regency], and we have done that on several roads,” Lamongan Public Works Agency Head Sujarwo said.

Incredible work, sir. Please keep it up.


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