Cursed “ghost ambulance” of Bandung brought to Jakarta, yet to drive itself back

Once upon a time in Bandung, West Java, an ambulance picked up an injured victim from a house on Jalan Bahureksa. Legend has it that the victim died in the ambulance. The death supposedly put an eternal curse on the vehicle, one that would cause the ambulance to always be found mysteriously back at the house of the deceased, despite attempts to move it.

The ambulance has become a sort of mini tourist attraction in Bandung, to the point that it became rusted and run down while still parked on the front lawn of the now abandoned house.

But recently, some ballsy antique car collectors challenged the myth and bought the ambulance. First, it was bought by somebody from Parung, Bogor, and has even more recently been bought by a resident of Kebayoran Baru in Jakarta.

“It was bought a month or two ago from Parung, for Rp 65 million,” said Sigit, the buyer, as quoted by Detik yesterday.

“Now it’s being restored, [it’ll be finished] in 2 months. Many parts are missing, like some doors, and we’re rebuilding it. We want to eliminate its scary character.”

Sigit said that he had actually not experienced any supernatural occurrences since he bought the ambulance. He said the public can see the ambulance for themselves in Kebayoran Baru after its restoration is complete, though that is only if it doesn’t somehow drive itself back to its rightful home in Bandung before that.

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