​Beautiful data visualization map shows how Twitter-crazy Jakarta is compared to the rest of the world

You are probably aware that Jakartans are totally obsessed with social media. You might even have heard that Jakarta is the most Twitter active city in the whole world. But have you ever seen how crazy we are about Twitter?

The above map, shared by Reddit user “Phd_in_basket_waving,” shows the location of six billion tweets from around the world, with each tweet represented as a tiny green point.

Zoom out and look at the whole world. While much of the map is dark outside of America and Europe, with a few glowing green dots atop major cities, Southeast Asia is a different story. If you look at Indonesia and especially Jakarta, you will see that our lands are lit ablaze with the green fire of social media frenzy.

Kuala Lumpur and Singapore share similarly strong glows, but without the density and vastness of Jakarta’s greenery. Japan is the only other country in Asia that seems to have as far-ranging a love for Twitter as Indonesia, but even Tokyo’s dot density pales compared to Jakarta’s.

Not quite as cool looking but plenty informative is this graph of “Metro Areas With The Most Tweets (Out Of 3M).” Reddit user darinhq, describes the data he used to make the graph: “Geotagged tweets over last couple years (evenly spaced out over that time period). All geotags were within 25km of a 250K+ city proper population center of which approx 2M tweets satisfied this condition and were used. Metro areas then aggregated together as best I could.”

As you can see, Jakarta completely blows every other city out of the water. And number two is Bandung!

Will Jakarta’s love affair get even stronger now that Twitter is setting up an office here? Let us know what you think @CoconutsJakarta!

(H/T to Reddit user JackoBoone on r/Indonesia for the find!)

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