Battle of the mascots: Sales reps for Oppo and Vivo smartphones clash violently during parade in Indonesia (VIDEO)

Photo: Video screengrab
Photo: Video screengrab

These smartphone sales reps in Indonesia are so… dedicated, to their jobs, that they’re apparently willing to throw punches against reps of a rival company.

Hold your phone, this story is only going to get sillier from here.

According to local reports, sales reps for Chinese smartphone makers Oppo and Vivo were holding a parade on the streets of Jambi city on April 7. Filled with adorable blow-up mascots entertaining the public, nobody would have predicted the parade would have turned out like this:

In fact, it looks like the whole commotion was started by one cheeky Vivo mascot, who can be seen shoving an Oppo sales rep (team “Selfie Expert”) in the back:

Tempers flared, and a huge clash involving man and mascot from both sides erupted. The clash was eventually broken up, but not without it claiming at least a couple of Vivo mascots, who fought valiantly but sadly got deflated during battle.

Deflated Vivo mascots. Photo: Video screengrab

It appears that both sides cooled off soon after, as the Jambi police said they did not receive any reports about the clash.

But we’re still curious as to what possessed the Vivo mascot (aside from the ill intentions of the human inside) to shove the Oppo sales rep. Could it be harboring an old grudge after it got its ass handed to it in a previous fight with an Oppo mascot?

And, if you continue on down the Youtube rabbit hole, you can find even more evidence of “healthy competition” between the two smartphones’ mascots.

Whatever the reason, we can kind of understand why Vivo and Oppo sales reps may want to occasionally let off some steam after trying to convince potential customers which of their Chinese phones is more like an iPhone.

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  1. But, but, but.. They’re owned by the same parent company? LOL. Wonder how they feel once they find out.

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